Healthcare with a difference!

Here at the Healers Shack we are committed to giving outstanding alternative health services and holistic support in a serene and proficient fashion. Our clinic’s reputation is built on honesty, quality of practice, responsibility to our client(s) and a comprehensive approach to anyone who walks through our doors seeking our assistance.

Our four main points of practice include;

Diverse Treatment Options

We offer an expansive range of complimentary and alternative healthcare treatments with qualified and experienced therapists whom have been carefully selected to join our team.

Care with a Difference

We focus on treating the root cause of ailments through self and postural awareness. The key we find to health resides within prevention, rather than “band-aid” solutions.

Person-Centered Care

We assist you in planning, treating, and managing of your health, as well as prevention of any ailment. We are respectful and responsive to your needs and tailor our services to your individual preferences and values.

A Welcoming Environment

All of our staff have been carefully selected to be part of the Healers Shack team as we aim to provide the finest form of care, and trusting relationships with our clientele.

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