Counselling with Kylie


KYLIE ALGER | 0400 081 935

Health & Wellbeing Counsellor, Registered Nurse, and Holistic Therapist

Availability: Every Tuesday at the Healers Shack 2pm – 6pm

Kylie is a qualified General Health and Wellbeing Counsellor and has 20 years of experience in the health industry as a Registered Nurse.

With 10 years’ experience in social welfare and community services counselling, Kylie has a passion for helping adolescents and children, working both primary and secondary schools providing support for students and families.

Kylie provides holistic counselling in all aspects of life, including mental health, depression and anxiety, marriage & relationships, building self-esteem, anger management, stress management & conflict resolution, and restoring work / life balance and bullying issues.

Kylie used an integrative approach to focus on helping clients to identify their goals and creates a supportive environment to assist in finding a positive solution.

Further benefits of Counselling and Therapy with Kylie draw from her extensive background in the health industry and community services, and the ability to ensure appropriate and efficient referrals to additional health professionals if needed.



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