SkyeSoul Energy – REMEDIAL MASSAGE, REIKI THERAPY & AURA CLEARING | 0418 736 382 / 0408 352 577

Availability: Every Thursday 10am – 6PM


Skyesoul Energy offers a variety of massage styles including traditional Swedish massage, Deep Tissue work, Sports Massage, Remedial, Reiki Therapy & Aura Clearing.
SkyeSoul Energy provides services holistically to benefit mind, body and soul to release tension, relax and unwind, rejuvenate and refresh allowing the client to leave in a more grounded and peaceful space to enjoy the journey of life.
We to offer massage that is effective and respectful of personal boundaries to ensure the experience is relaxing and energizing and are mindful of creating an environment that suits the client’s preferences

1 hour $70 | 3/4 hour $60 | 1/2 hour $50